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stockings blog    Stockings have always fascinated me. Even though right now I’m probably more of a pantyhose enthusiast than a stockings one, stockings were to ‘blame’ for starting this passion of mine for hosiery in general. Even as a child I was bewitched by the wonderful garment that only older ladies were allowed to wear and I was dreaming of the day when I too could join the ranks of women who proudly donned the garter belt/stockings ensemble. The whole premise was wonderfully intricate and appealing. The thigh-bands of the stockings were lacey and together with the sheer nylons, they created an effect which – in my mind – became a staple of femininity. The garter belts themselves were quite something to behold, and only later would I find out they were a tad cumbersome for actual everyday wear.

I remember that back when I first started thinking about hosiery in terms of something that I would get to try myself one day (and was extremely young back then indeed) I never thought about pantyhose. Stockings were so spectacular compared to the old waist-to-toe nylons that there was never any basis for comparison between the two in my mind. Stockings were stylish while pantyhose were…um…everything but. There was no way one could go wrong with a pair of quality stockings and that is exactly how I feel about them to this very day. Of course, later pantyhose redeemed themselves in my eyes too, and these days I’d much rather go with tights than stockings whenever I leave the house, but even among pantyhose I seem to like the faux garter ones, the ones that are designed to look like stockings/garters.
I remember the first pair of stockings that my mother gave me were 100% nylon ones, which featured a bit of stretch but that was nothing compared to the modern nylon-lycra creations. They were tan and shiny and they had a diamond-design seam running their full length on the side of the legs. I was so proud of those stockings… I think I still have them somewhere in the murky depths of one of my hosiery drawers.

More modern stocking designs that came later never disappointed me either. As a matter of fact, the hosiery industry seems to be among the few that always manage to get something good out of progress and that never mess up. Fashion cycles came and went, but the good old sheers have remained and – even though these days hosiery is not nearly as popular as it could and probably should be – one can always find something exciting in stores or online.
Online hosiery shops have pretty much blurred the geographic boundaries of fashion too. While here in the US hosiery underwent a massive loss in popularity, over in Europe, stockings and pantyhose continued to dominate. Even as the US hosiery industry seems unable to keep pace with the foreign market, top quality products are never further than a click away for US stockings lovers.
This stockings blog is meant to act as a billboard for my stocking-related thoughts and ideas. While I will probably author the majority of the posts here, others will certainly contribute as well.

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