Fully Fashioned Stockings

fully fashioned stockings
   Fully fashioned stockings are the truly original stockings. It is from these classics that all the other stockings styles emerged later.
Fully fashioned stockings were the products of a hosiery technology still in its infancy. Since the age of full fashioned hosiery, technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and the design has become technologically obsolete. Despite that, fully fashioned stockings are wildly popular with the public to this very day, therefore hosiery companies keep making them, often using the same vintage technology that gave birth to these stockings in the first place.

Fully fashioned stockings are basically made from a single piece of material. They are knitted flat, after which the nylon fabric is wrapped around the leg and sewn together at the back, through a distinctive back-seam. Fully fashioned stockings were/are generally made of 100% nylon fabric, which means that the stretch factor – while there – is a lot less significant than in the case of modern hosiery. What that means is that those who purchase fully fashioned stockings must pay keen attention to the size. Fully fashioned stockings are sized according to shoe-size and height, although some hosiery manufacturers may have adopted different sets of sizing-factors.
Modern technology has often attempted to replicate the look and feel of fully fashioned hosiery through other methods, creating imitations. One way to tell that a pair of fully fashioned stockings are indeed 100% original and manufactured through ye olden methods, is to check for the finishing loop at the top of the stockings where the back-seam ends.

Fully fashioned stockings come in a range of heel designs too. Some of these heel designs are so popular they have garnered a following of their own. The Cuban heel for instance is often considered a style of its own by wearers and hosiery enthusiast alike.
The soles of most fully fashioned stockings are reinforced, made of a higher-DEN material, which prevents runs and adds adherence to where it's most needed.

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